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    It takes just 3 easy steps to file for divorce.

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Benefits of Our Service

Filling out divorce paperwork yourself without a legal background can be challenging. Hiring a lawyer to do it can be expensive. is a solution that covers both these problems. For as low as $139, and within 2 business days, you’ll get completed and ready-to-file uncontested divorce papers. With more than 9 years in the California market, we are experts in local Family Law and offer only up-to-date forms that comply with California state requirements. The benefits of using also include:

  • A court-acceptance guarantee for all forms created on our platform or your money back

  • Detailed instructions on how to file for divorce yourself

  • Review your answers and make changes anytime

  • A full package of divorce filings

  • Receive completed forms in your email within 2 business days

  • Substantial savings on the services of a lawyer

  • Paperwork creation from the comfort of your home

  • Attentive customer support service

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Fast & Easy

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With CaliforniaDivorceForAll you can get much more than just divorce forms:

Here are some more first-rate services that you can get:

It takes just 3 easy steps to file for divorce.

Parenting classes are an excellent opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to help your children cope with the divorce trauma. By taking our award-winning course designed by professionals in parental education, you will get not only vital information but also a court-approved certificate of completion.

With our Platinum service, you don't have to worry about filing with the court or getting the signature of your spouse because we will do it for you! We will handle all these serving-related issues while you can focus on more important things.

This video course will help you survive the divorce, develop a new version of yourself, and alter life for the better. The course will teach you how to set new goals, establish good habits, redefine your patterns, and as a result, write a new chapter in your life, line by line.

Our attentive customer support will help you resolve any technical issues you may have while using the system. You will also receive instant email notifications regarding the changes of status of your case. Need to speak with a representative? Just leave your request, and we will call you back.

Valid Grounds for Divorce in California State

As for the divorce statistics, California state does not officially collect this data. The most recent numbers available from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that the California divorce rate was 4.3 per 1000 residents in 1990. At the time, this rate was the 11th lowest in the nation.

Like any other state, California requires spouses filing for divorce to tell the court why they want to end their marriage. Spouses’ reasons must comply with state-accepted grounds, which in California can only be no-fault ones. In other words, couples just need to state that their marriage is irretrievably broken. It means that neither side is to blame for ruining the family, and the irreconcilable differences between spouses destroyed the relationship.

Additionally, couples seeking a divorce in California can use the incurable insanity of one of the spouses as a legal reason to terminate the marriage. However, it must be proved in court by medical or psychiatric testimonies.

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“This seems to be an easy route and process to effectively get around divorcing in record timing.”

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“Flawless and super easy! Took so much stress off my shoulders.”

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